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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 7, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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not the first. but the second one was pretty good. risky deal on my part. i was out there in the middlefield covering it. it was tough. >> eric: quick thought. heritage founder leader, a good pick. >> dana: i think so, too. great one more thing. it's been outrage how greg has treated me on this show. i am going to report him to human resources as soon as we leave. >> eric: leave it there. >> our top story, congress eliminates lunatics from federal law. our allstar panel will do the same. and the grammy show, no love for justin bieber. our allstar panel will do the same.
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and activists protests sandwich going bad and getting our allstar panel will do the same. >> thanks, andy. we added all of my dates to the bus tour. >> when does it kick off? >> glad you asked. >> glad you wrote the question for me. >> december 15th to the 17th. find sout more at g it is worth checking out because the tour is so much fun. >> any proof of this so-called fun? >> here is a clip of what happened on the bus last week in alabama. >> we dropped him off in tennessee and part of him in kentucky. >> it does look like fun. i have to admit. >> maybe now you will stop making fun of me. >> i will wait this will half time and i have a question for you. >> see you later.
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wow, that was unprofessional. she is so hot she gives rugs lori roth man burns. i am here with lori rothman. and he is so sharp he sleeps in a scavard. he is "maxim" magazine'sed dore in chief. a delightful magazine. and my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if hilarity was a three-legged race i would enter him with my boss at the company picnic right next to me. comedian, writer and actor and that is four thicks and an extra hand. check out this hand. oh my god. look what is going on. and you would love to set him up lame. it is our new york times correspondent. >> they review hyde park on the hudson. franklin eleanor roosevelt, i kissed a cousin of mine one time and there is no shame in
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it. it was the summer of 1935, and we were in the south of france and passion was in the air. one thing lead to another and -- [noises]. sorry i just had a wonderful albeit disturbing flash back there. greg? >> you guys on the bus tour asked for pinch to come back. i didn't. all right, they had to get stark on a day that is dark. on tuesday san francisco's nudity ban was official prompting protesters to row spawned in the only way they know how -- to respond in the only way they know how. nudists ripped off their clothes and paraded their bare
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butts through the middle of city hall. mandates were worn for fear of a hundred dollar fine or jail time. when asked whether this was a war on ugly people, supervisor scott wiener said, quote, the legislation has nothing to do with the physical appearance of the naked guys. i couldn't careless how they look. in an -- in any event, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. down the street one nudist dog held his own protest. >> he does seem more free. lori, are you from this morally depraved state. will you strip in protest? >> it is a good call. nudity is a distraction and there are exceptions. all of the parades, and you can get your nude on or off or whatever. i think the problem is there were like fake nudists that
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were encroaching on the real nudists who were hard core and committed to their cause. i think they made a mockery out of the nudist cause. it became completely crazy. >> you know what she is talking about, eli? she is talking about the people who live in the naturist lifestyle and then those who like to expose themselves and blend in and you can't tell if somebody is living a lifestyle or just getting off. >> exactly. >> and as a life-long member as a grower not a shower contingent i am completely for all laws banning nudity anytime. i would at least like the girl to come up to my room before the disappointment happens. i don't need to be judged on the streets. >> and then you do that thing where i have to go to the bathroom and you m come back in 10 minutes and feeling good. >> because you -- >> because you have had some vitamin water. i don't know what you are saying. it disturbs me the dark places you go. why do weird owes like these nudists feel the best place to protest is to get nude. don't they get it? what is wrong with society?
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you don't need to answer this question. >> nudists are looking for an excuse to wipe their butt on everything they put it on. at least that's what i think. and then these places where they are allowed to be nude, street fairs. there are fum cake stations and oil splattering everywhere. >> you go to the street fair and they have the corn on the cob on the stick. that can be dangerous. and they are so overpriced. they are $4 a cob. and even the corn is expensive. bill, this is less a question and more of a request. please never become a nudist. >> i won't, i won't. maybe it is the catholic in me, but i shower with my bathing suit on. i hate thewed tee. i don't like nudists. the corncob factor you always hear, woops i fell in the castro. the problem here is i am con
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-- conflicted because anybody should do what they want. having said that these people hurt others. technically they rine flicting on other people's freedoms. the upside being they tbet to take off the -- they get to take off to the city hall. >> and you noy what this myth that the human body is beautiful beautiful -- the human body is extremely ugly. that's why you have to have intense sexual pleasure in order for you to touch it. if you took away that, no one would go near a naked body. >> nothing is good naked. i go to the video of that dog, the dog had no hair. what was that dog, america? disgusting. >> i think it would be great if we were furry like dan. joy i am never naked. >> the other option here -- >> wow, you can use some man
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scaping. >> that is hair? >> that is kashmir. >> i always try to end each section with a solution. >> why not make an island? they have an alcatraz there. >> what about ascatraz? >>- q. i that was good. -- >> that was good. i was trying to work on something with treasure island, but i couldn't except pleasure island, but that exists. >> i like to end each with a topical solution. today vaseline. it is great. >> from no trousers to rebel rowsers. its only dish is prejudice. nice. i speak of the easy bake oven which one new jersey residents talks about. it places images of boys on the easy bake boxes. the 13-year-old started an on-line petition which has already gained 29 billion
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signatures. after seeing her little brother trying to cook on top of the light bulb. she calls it, quote, quite appalling. a good word for a teenager. it sends a clear message. women cook -- did she write this? women cook, men work. i want my brother to know that it is not wrong for him to want to be a chef. but it is wrong, it is so very wrong. shopping cart cat continues to perpetuate the stereo type. >> if he was totally nude and shaved that was repulsive, but with the fur it was arousing. >> this girl is getting something done. and then i listen to the letter and i say it was written by somebody else. >> and she is a busy body. >> but if we are going this far we need to unit coulder the argument. i am tired of the big toys
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perpetrating the myth that boys kill and girls let things live. we need to start market cking -- marketing dolls to kids -- guns is what i am trying to say. kids, guns to girls. pink ak47's. >> very nice. pink anything. >> a third gun. >> viewers at home. this is when you get to join in and shout a third gun at ely. dan, you have a lot of kids. >> i do. >> like 13 or 14. >> 17. exactly. >> her little browr is four years -- brother is four years old, does he want to be a chef or is he out of options? >> i do have two boys. if my boy was playing with an easy bake oven i would grab a football and say go outside and play with this while i stay inside and eat all of your cookies. >> you are a thieving jerk.
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not only do you punish your kid, but you fill up on food while you do it. you are a multi tasking jerk. >> i have two daughters. >> you have two daughters. you should do play dates together. >> 5 and 3, how old are yours? >> 9 and 6. >> perfect age. >> perfect for what? >> you can't gender market. they graph tate toward -- it has nothing to do with business. they will do what they want to do. they will graph vaw tate toward their interest no matter what. it is stupid. >> are you saying this is balderdash? >> yes. >> language like that belongs on boardwalk empire. balderdash. bill, you still cook your meals with an easy bake oven. has the product improved since the early 1960s? >> that's the thing. this is a good idea. >> it is a good idea. >> it is a good idea and i will tell you why. i have never had any interest nor do i have any interest in cooking. i literally turned off the gas
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on my oven because it saves you $10 on con-ed bill. there are other ways i can kill myself. the thing is i have a shotgun and that's trick see when you are drunk. tricky when you are drunk. ask my neighbors. the problem with the easy bake oven, what they have to figure out with easy bake is not what gender to market to, but to make it not suck. >>- q. i it doesn't -- >> it does president suck. i am serious. >> when i was a kid it was a light bulb and you waited five hours. >> i actually learned to use fon dots and they have a microwave version. you are like a pastry chef. it looks inned could of like that -- >> that is a microwave. >> they have a microwave version and the pots and pans and cookie cuter and you can do cake layering and sprinkles and it -- it is tough. >> i don't know how you feel about the cooking -- --
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>> cooking at such a young age. they should wait until they are 10. they have abandoned the spelling of easy. they spell it e-a-s-y. it used to be e-z. that's good. i think that kind of spelling lead us to e-z-e who then died. it was of aids. maybe it promotes healthier living. >> i think we are glossing over something here. >> what am i glossing over? >> mom of the year here, her idea of monitoring her kids is having them around a microwave for hours on end. the easy bake oven is basically a microwave and letting the gamma rays all over them. >> when i come home my daughter says what do you want to do for frosting for dinner? >> and then you punch them. >> you open a bottle of like ga lo wine -- gallo wine.
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and you go to the closet and say leave me the hell alone. thank you for ruining my life you brats. worried about the fiscal cliff? the economy, ben go swrea? -- benghazi? no need, my friend. the economy has been saved. they removed the word lunatic from the law. the act of 2012 aimes to eliminate, quote, references that contribute to the stigmata swraition of mental health conditions in account as of congress. like a 1947 law that read the words insane and it should include every lunatic and sane person. sorry, bill, the word in it is being left in. the measure has the backing of the psychiatric association. he is not buying it as he
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explains to neil kavudo. >> not only should we eliminate the word lun atic when the world is on the brink of bankruptcy we should apply it to anybody who wants to do business as usual in washington. >> in the business we call that a sick burn. now more to sneak attack cat in the house chambers. >> i wasn't surprised by sneak attack cat. when your name is sneak attack cat you give it away you stupid cat. bova, do you feel better knowing it was purged from law? >> yes. i feel we are on the way to recovery. if you ban the word "lunatic" why not ban lunatics from congress, right, greg? >> wow. >> that's the political humor
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i have been expecting. you are our new mark gruntle. we need the capital steps to back you up. >> i think it is the crew hair. >> ely, you are nodding along. are you happy it is gone or should it stay? >> i don't think it matters. if you don't think the house of representatives are a bunch of lunatics for wasting time on this lunacy you are not just a a -- an idiot but you are a lunatic. >> should congress be spending their time on stuff like this? ask greg in a redundant fashion? >> i was wall lowing in lori hot. >> here is an interesting point i will throw out to you. >> the word is derived from lunar phases of the moon. >> they used to right the moon and the gravity and it affected your mental --
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>> as long as we can still call our representatives in congress lunatics and various other words. >> can we please stop bashing congress? >> they are doing their job. >> maybe it is not the service you have in your mansion. >> they are serving us lunacy. >> what? you get what you vote for. i made that up. >> we vote the people in then we deserve the people we voted in. >> i am sitting with a table full of lunatics. think about it. >> i don't know if your voice helped that. >> it made me feel weird and tingly inside. what does that mean? maybe the priest was right. coming um, should we put the white bass in white
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christmas? lori roth man successes her pamphlets on race in america. you are so brave. and does having children help you livelonger? and does my extensive doll collection count? actually doll heads. i don't have any use for the bodies anymore.
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do americans care if the rich pay a bigger share? according to a survey voters support higher taxes on the wealthy more than 2-1. it is like 4 people to two. y most won't quibble on uncle sam taking a kibble. they are much more in favor 6 bleeding the better off. on wednesday, a day of the week, tim geitner said they
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are, quote, willing to leap off the fiscal cliff if the gop or the gop will be making more than 50k. what is k? >> thousand. >> oh, i thought it was something special. and in the meantime this is getting rave reviews. >> don't try that. lori, lori, lori. rut only person who knows anything about this crap. isn't the point of this survey
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is everybody will say that because there are more nonrich people than rich people? you can't in a survey say if you eliminate tax deductions and spapped the tax base you can't say that. >> what the survey shows is the president has been really successful at passing along his agenda of incoming quality and class warfare. he is effective and that is why he was re-elected. >> there are other ways to raise revenue. jay it is soen fiewr yaiting -- soen fiewr yaiting. the fact is the economy is going into a recession next yore i believe no matter what. you have no growth and no jobs or very few jobs. it is very bad. >> i am paid $200,000 to be on the show tonight. >> what? >> how will that affect me tax wise? >> well it is better you earn as a family $200 versus $250.
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if you are on the $250k threshold you are screwed. you will be better off. that's what i say there is no incentive because of the tax policy the president is proposing. there is no incentive to work and no incentive to grow and no incentive for people to aspire to become millionaires. >> lori is absolutely right. obama has been extremely effective in passing the income equality agenda. and guess who is reaping all of the benefits. obama. obama. give it to me, oh it is raining dollars. it is christmas every day for me everybody. >> what will you do with all of the money? >> i don't know. drugs, hookers, what do we liberals do? >> now you are persuading me to the dark side. you are changing my mind. bill, if a deal isn't reached we won't feel it for months. if possible you will be dead by then. there is no point asking a question. >> i will let it res son nate.
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i haven't even looked at my william. >> what are you going to give away? >> i have a baseball card collection. guess who is not getting it now. >> you don't remember you sold those. >> i did. >> at 4:00 a.m. last night. >> i still have one i use to cut. don't worry -- >> it was jose can say co so it made sense. where are we in this story? >> i don't get this conversation. >> i don't either. it fell apart. >> that's the problem. >> trickle down theory. >> it is not that. >> we know the words. >> do you know art like i do? >> and his curves. >> by the way, it is not about revenue. it is about spending. you can't go to a junky and say -- >> they are going to raise our
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taxes and not cut spending? >> we are still screwed. >> if they put the 2% tax rate -- >> listen to the 3-1 ratio spending cuts to tax increases. >> but he is not doing that. >> that's what he said he was going to do. any economist worth their salt will say one thing and one thing only. if you want to get rid of the deficit, no one cares. you have taxes across the board and cuts across the board. and nobody wants that. shut up. >> i actually do agree with bill. i think we worry about the spending. >> interest rates are low and it is a complete manipulation by the federal reserve. what will happen at some point is the debt will be down graded again and then all of your loans and all of your interest rates will go up and you won't have a pot to pea in. -- to pee in. >> now you have my mind thinking of people peaking in pots. what will happen is we will
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all be broken and we will all eat you. >> you think i am worried? hello, myan calendar december 21st. >> if that doesn't happen though i call the thigh. >> by the way this is the most intellectual debate we have had on taxes. >> how come you never have us on ? >> greg, would you come on? >> i have plans. sorry. i have my stair climber and i have my shows. why"the price is right" is on at 11:00. what time are you on? >> you are such a diva. >> he dvr's it and watch itself at 1:00. joy he is a diva. >> do you have a comment on the show? what is wrong with you? lori rothman. >> it takes me awhile to warm up. >> red eye at fox, help me lord. if you have a video of your
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animal doing something click on submit a video and we may use it. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. jerk. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by jump rope, the rope with handles on each end. thanks jump rope.
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let's go to andy levy.
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>> how are you? >> the question i wanted to ask you i saved it. you talk about candidate tees top of the show. any relation to seth kansas? >> seth as you know left the job under mysterious circumstances. >> absolutely. >> and hasn't been heard from since. >> it was a strange thing. it happened on a cruiseship. >> i returned with kurt. >> i did not know that. >> they look remarkably similar. >> yes, they do. i made sure of that. >> kurt i am guessing a little more morally pliable? >> and he is terrified. >> always a plus. i guess you won the lottery. >> i won something. >> nudity ban protest. lori you said public nudity is a distraction. >> to me at least. >> well, the ban was passed by the board of supervisors of
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san francisco by a vote of 6-5. but according to cbs san francisco it was a 7th vote in favor of the ban, but she later took back her vote saying she accidentally voted yes because she was distracted. i think you are right. >> that's funny. >> he read the article we didn't read. >> i followed the link as journalists are supposed to do. >> modern journalists. >> what you said was the same version in the sun. >> don't pretend you did your research. >> these are my points front and back and double-sided. >> that's your astrology chart. >> it is an easy bake oven recipe. >> i thought it was bill's will. >> i wish i had that much stuff. >> dan you said nudists are just looking for a chance to wipe their butts on everything. >> yes. >> i want to make it clear that's your opinion. there are no facts to back that up.
12:34 am
>> oh am i not wiping my butt on this chair right now? >> i don't know what you are doing. my point is there is a subsection of nudists who like to sue people called sudists. i don't want them on our backs or our chairs. >> they can be on my back any day of the week. >> in between the hair? >> no, please, move on. >> i think you are talking about a splinter group. >> greg you said at street fairs where nudity is allowed they always have corn on the cob which can be a problem. >> yes. >> i don't get it. >> i don't need to elaborate why it could be a problem. but sometimes they go into the night and it gets dark and you are in line and getting the corn on the cob and things get a little busily and -- bustly and crowded. >> you have a happy nudist. >> i still don't get it. >> when they suggested a naked island you said how about
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ascatraz. >> yes. >> you know that was a 2011 storm with alexis texas. the plot of the movie is she was sennence ited to ascatraz because her ass has caused the u.s. so much harm. >> i think they miss typed the last word. she has lost a lot of weight. >> i have no idea who she is. lori you said you can't gender target market -- gender market target. what does that mean? >> you can't advertise toys targeted for young children to a specific gender because they are so and maliable. >> you say you can do that? >> you should not market to genders. >> so hasbro is wrong?
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>> the easy bake oven is a classic. if it ain't broke don't fix it. >> i think they are stupid to market. why shrink your customers by 50%? >> that's an easy no brainer kind of thing to say. >> that's what i specialize in. >> oh boy. it doesn't matter who you advertise to. children of a certain age will graph tate toward what they are interested in. >> the funny thing is -- >> although maybe the parents are susceptible. maybe change the marketing and focus on the parents. it is the parents making the decision what they will buy, right? maybe i am changing my opinion. maybe i am it is more business friendly because i am a capitalist. >> are you a capitalist. >> i have to think about this. >> who do they market sea horses to? >> people who love fun things.
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>> that's the answer i was looking for. >> or people who like drowning horses. >> what was that toy? sea horses, no, sea monkeys. did you ever have sea monkeys? >> biggest up front. >> they have a castle. >> no, i never saw them holding hands and having a barbecue. >> volleyball was great. >> bill, just because your sea monkeys killed themselves rather than another day with you, don't harm the rest of us. >> they killed me with bore dom. i kept waiting for something to happen. where is the nudity? why aren't they driving to see monkey cars? >> see they mark qeted to you and we all had sea monkeys. >> you like that has bro uses
12:38 am
the whole world easy instead of ez. >> yes. >> i don't like that. i don't have time to read the entire word. >> you are a guy on the go. you don't even have time to use the easy bake. >> i prefer they go back to e and z. >> you noy andy changed his name. it is an ampersand and then y. >> it was eazy-e. >> i didn't want to embarrass him. >> that's my job. congress room, lunatic. you said if you don't just ban lunatic, why not lunatics and from the office. joy ely, as a pro tip as we say in the business, don't hash tag your answers.
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>> hash tag that. >> greg, you brought up the fact that the moon affected people's brains. indeed according to one of my favorite websites lunatic was used in the 13th century and it means affected with periodic insanity. there is some thought that the reason it happened was at ancient times the moon was affected by by polar people and it would trick their bodies into it would confuse them into thinking it was daytime. that has impone away. those lucky enough to have light, we can have light every night. >> coming up -- >> yes, thanks for that. >> you know what, this is going to come up at a party and one of you guys will bring
12:40 am
it up and you will get laid. >> wait, what? >> andy is a guy who doesn't go to parties. he is a party favor is what he is. >> i saw it one time. >> that was it is only time. >> lori, you said what the poll shows is president obama was successful with his income equality and warfare message. you mentioned there are other ways to change is it to change loopholes. they said would you consider lip tig reductions and 45 to 39% would rather limit the deductions. >> democrats will get both. higher tax rates on the wealthy and close the loopholes on the deduction. >> how can you root for that? it is not going to do anything
12:41 am
if you spend money. i am not getting my boat. i hope you are happy. >> the republicans lost this one. their best option is to sit back and watch it all unfold. >> let it burp. let it burn to the ground. >> hopefully they will come back strong either. stronger. >> it is like the clinton era. >> that was actually clinton that had the burning things. we will be right back. >> don't we all? anyway, coming coming up, how much are toddlers going for? lori roth man discusses telling her baby on ebay. did the grammies number justin bieber this year? the story president obama doesn't want you to hear.
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this is a fox news alert. i am elizabeth pran from new york. a strong earthquake rocking japan. the usgs saying it was a 7.4 magnitude quake. a tsunami warning was issued and it could be as high as two yards. so far there is no word on any major damage. videos show buildings in tokyo swaying for at least several minutes. you may remember the massive earthquake last year in japan. this tremor is not expected to produce those kind of widespread tsunamis. again, a 7.4 magnitude quake striking off the coast of japan has triggered a tsunami alert, but at this point there is no word on any damage. stay with fox newschannel for the latest on this developing story. now back to "red eye" already in progress. >> lightning roouuuuuuuuuunnnd d lightning round.
12:46 am
>> will you join me in urging everyone to boycott the grammies because of this? >> scooter said it better than i could. the kid delivered. give it a break. also who cares? the beatles and led-zeplin were not raking in the grammies. some people are just not understood. >> that's true. he is like our van gogh. >> how many did velvet underground and niko win? do you have to cutoff your ear to become popular? i hope not because they are gorgeous. if he does, send it to me. you have posters all over your body. >> no, carly ray carly rae jepsen all over the house. squat call me maybe." "call me maybe." >> i think it was an over sight. i think he was screwed. i don't think that was fair
12:47 am
especially since she was his protege. he wore horrible overalls to meet the canadian prime minister. that did him in. >> these facts are amazing. >> who knew canada had a prime minister? >> i didn't know they still made overalls. i am getting overalls tomorrow. i love the overalls. have the grammies ever been a good indicator of the world's best music? he lie makes the point that many great artists don't get grammies. >> the death of kurt cobain, move over. music has a new number one tragedy and this is it. the grammies are the most boring thing i have ever seen in my life. i don't like them. are we talking about my grammy or the grammies? sorry i got confused. >> how dare you make fun of nana. >> those things are not her fault. >> i got very confused.
12:48 am
>> i am i editing. >> as the father of three daughters can you tell us how the crowd is dealing with it? >> i could, but i haven't spoken to them in months. >> the fact of the matter is -- sorry, greg. when we first met -- the problem is he is in a delicate place in his career. he is transitioning from a teen idle to a man about town as far as his music is concerned. the voters don't seem to understand this. by not giving him grammies they could force him to start cutting up grams. when you do, call me. i will give uh great deal. first one's free. >> the grammies couldn't win on this one. it was a lose proposition. if they gave them a grammy
12:49 am
nomination all of the rolling stones and spin people go, look at the grammies they nominated gist stin bieber. he couldn't win. they can win. rawpts the people who have have them in the past. i know nothing. >> jethro-tull. >> who was best artist and new artist last year? >> it was actually jethro-tull. >> it wasn't justin bieber. it was some other person. and that was controversial. i am feeling ganged up on. >> you are ganging up on us. there should be a camera on me at some point. we have to take a break. we have another story or something. who knows?
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a virginia woman is being sued for $750 for writing a scathing review. she says the company working on her house was charged with trespassing and stolen. stolen property. he ordered her to delete some
12:54 am
of the accusations and start dating bill. is this free speech or when you accuse somebody of a crime? >> it is free speech until it causes harm or lost business. i actually think that the business owner or the contractor might have a suit. if you have a complaint. if you are the yelp complaining go through the proper channels. you can't screw with someone's reputation. >> you were not sure they were actually at the concert. what do you do? >> when i read this story i am just glad they don't have a yelp for sexual performance. but if and when they do, ladies who may or may not witnessed me having trouble performing, i will sue you for $450 billion of the i don't want anything on-line about it. >> shouldn't you be suing budweiser? >> i can't blame them. >> you can't sue the king of beers. >> dan, what do you make of
12:55 am
this? >> i think this country is sue crazy. we can't stop talking about sue simmons. >> oh god help me. bill you are reviewed all the time by people who see you on the street and hate you. they will write, ah, bill schulz, no stars. >> i have to stop sleeping in the middle of the street. if the traffic continues they will give me a bad review. that is the example that there are no more url's left. what is a yelp? yelp is stupid. yes, i said it, you are dumb. signed, unhappy in new york. >> all right. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tv's andy levy.
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time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> i will have to go with me. >> i voted for obama. >> dan, what is going on with the new issue of "max --" max i'm" anything special? >> it has extra videos and you can get it on the tablet and all sorts of stuff. >> lori, what do you have? >> nothing as usual. i just pop up. >> greg is coming on my show mondayt


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